Chad Deity

Kristoffer Diaz is a dynamic and important voice in the American theatre, and The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity is a genre-bending pipe bomb of a play. Some facts that may surprise you:

– WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is a publicly traded company listed with the NYSE.

– WWE is watched by 14.5 million fans each week in the U.S.

– Nearly 40% of the WWE audience is female.

– Nearly 25% of the audience is under 18.

– Audiences span generations, economic strata, race, and geogrpahy.

With such a significant market share, the aesthetics, values, and structures of professional wrestling have an impact in popular culture that goes largely unremarked upon by the media. How does WWE mirror America back at itself? What can those power dynamics reveal to those who watch closely?

When all is said and done, professional wrestling, and WWE’s RAW programming in particular, is deeply entertaining and highly theatrical. Every moment is highly choreographed with the audience’s emotions in mind. Wrestlers are our heroes and villains, we are willingly led down well-worn paths of archetypal storylines.

…So, what happens when someone bucks expectations, and tries to rewrite the story in his favor?

Check out the rehearsal process & dramaturgy blog for Chad Deity.



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