Documenting #Occupy Through Art

To create the script for “No Room for Wishing,” playwright/performer Danny Bryck interviewed countless protesters at the Occupy Boston camp ground in Dewey Square and then curated those interviews to tell the story of the movement from initial occupation to eviction and beyond. Danny is not alone in his inspiration to document the movements’ history through his art: many other artists have created documentarian pieces to channel the story of the movement:


Visual artist Rachel Schragis (a high school classmate of Danny Bryck) created this flowchart with input from Occupiers in Zuccotti Park as a visual representation of the demands of the 99%.


NYC-Based Artist Molly Crabapple created a seven painting series called “Shell Game,” illustrating aspects of American corporate culture that led to economic meltdown, invigorating the 99%. You can hear Ms. Crabapple speak more about the project on its kickstarter page. 


Photographer Brian Walters created this photo/video sequence that follows a similar timeline to NO ROOM FOR WISHING. Keep your eye out for NRFW creator Danny Bryck around 1:32.

These are, of course, only a few of MANY artistic responses to #Occupy. Feel free to post links to any #Occupy who’ve inspired you in the comments section!



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