Squid Fingers

“The question that’s always asked by the police officials, by the fire marshals is who is in charge, and the answer is always our democracy, our democracy is in charge, our democracy is the decision making body, and so everyone is encouraged to be a part of our General Assembly.” Eric, one of over 30 people  featured in the text for NO ROOM FOR WISHING.

General Assembly meetings in Occupy protests nationwide formed the cornerstone of the Occupy movement’s internal structure. As a public demonstration whose message is to create a living example of an egalitarian society, a comprehensive democratic process where anyone can raise an issue for public discourse is indispensable.

In NO ROOM FOR WISHING, the audience is brought to several general assemblies where news is announced, and initiatives are proposed and blocked. Speakers often communicate through “The People’s Mic,” a call and response system to address large groups of people without amplification. Attached is a clip of the first Occupy Boston GA in Dewey Square on 9/30/11, as well as a link to Occupy Boston’s GA Consensus Form.

(Squid Fingers are a means of showing disapproval at a GA by wiggling your fingers downward. Like little squids.)



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